about us


Meet Adam. Adam teaches History, English, and geography at our community homeschool. He enjoys literature, books of almost every variety, and prefers creative writing and poetry over the typical blog style publications. Adam is an avid student of international affairs, Biblical history, and religions of the world. He is enjoying his recent forays into homesteading and sustainability. Adam is a quote geek, and likes to drive us all nuts with well timed quotes from historical figures. He has an unusual sense of humor that takes some getting acclimated to, but for those of us blessed to know and love him, his humor makes our days brighter. We all describe him as humble, patient, thoughtful, soft-spoken, and steadfast. He loves his family fiercely and prioritizes them in all he does. 

Meet Traci. Traci teaches all levels of math, and is the primary Montessori teacher at our community homeschool. She is passionate about all things education and believes in the magic of a prepared Montessori environment. Traci is a writer and speaker and has won awards for both. Her Medium article, "Are You Really Prolife" has been read 1.8 million times and shared all over the world. After making a living as an education consultant who traveled internationally frequently, she is excited to be able to spend her days at home, in her favorite place, the classroom.Traci is an idea person, and always wants to take on a new project, or try something familiar in a different way. Those who love her describe her as being fearless, courageous, loving, and enthusiastic. She has a gentle spirit but acts and speaks boldly and passionately. 


Meet Isak. Isak is the oldest of the Schmidley children, a devoted big brother, and soon to be sixth grader. He enjoys playing soccer and is looking forward to trying out cross country running next year. He is learning the acoustic guitar, primarily from online tutorials, and although it's challenging for him, he is committed to sticking with it. Isak is an excellent math student; numbers just make sense to him, but English is more of a challenge. He is currently working on his writing skills by putting together a Bible study for his friends. Isak is on the quiet side and very compassionate, just like his father, and currently would like to be an engineer and a missionary when he grows up.

Meet Kaleb. Kaleb is 8 years old, and like his brother Isak, was born in China. Kaleb LOVES reading and writing. He has written poems, short stories, and plays. His first book will be available on Amazon soon. We say first book, because he already has other projects underway. Kaleb likes to imagine science fiction scenarios, and is constantly talking about his plans to genetically engineer plants and animals, and invent new technological machines that will change the world. Kaleb is a devoted care taker to his chicken and ducks flocks, and would like many more animals, if only mom and dad would agree! Kaleb is outgoing and never meets a stranger, kind of like his mother! Kaleb currently wants to go to college to become a geneticist some day. But ask him next week; his career plans change about as frequently as the Louisiana weather!